Healing Lepers

When the Lord rescued me from the entanglement of sin, I was pretty messed up. Still today, it is hard for me to believe that I have been given the life that I live. Each day is a new opportunity for me to draw close to my Lord. Every moment I am given, I am able to learn to enjoy all that He has blessed me with. But my life was not always like this. Nor was my disposition. Before {Read More}

Four Years – A Hope Day Wednesday Your Story

Four years. Four years of knowing that something was wrong with my body, but not knowing what it was. Four years of emergency room visits and doctor’s appointments, only to be told that though the (many different) physician(s) could see the problem – they could not identify the causes. Sometimes, they couldn’t even see the problem. Four years of deteriorating muscle and joint capability. Four years of feeling like others thought I was making up an inexplicable illness. Four years {Read More}

Passionate, Generous, Relentless Love

One day, I received a life-changing revelation. For years I thought that I already knew it. And then it began to radically change my life. Jesus loves me. But, it’s not the warm and fuzzy, albeit unconditional, brotherly love, that I once imagined. Instead, His love leaves me dizzy. Jesus longs for me. I belong to Him. His love for me is not the cool, listless love of a far off God. No, Christ’s love relentlessly pursues me. I am His {Read More}

Hope-Day Wednesday #10 {and a Hope-Giver Giveaway}

My story is a landscape of intricately woven miracles, carefully designed to point to an all-powerful, faithful, and living God. It is unfortunate that there are few types of tribulations that I would not be able to counsel someone on from personal experience. Yet, it is also quite fortunate, because God has planted within me a heart for hurting women. The brokenness of my past allows me to comfort others through the pain and knowledge of shared experiences. The victory {Read More}

Hope-Day Wednesday – #9

Everyone has a story. The most remarkable stories that I have ever heard have belonged to those who have experienced the grace, mercy, and goodness of the Savior. Our stories are important. In the Book of Revelations, John writes “And they have conquered him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony‘ (Revelations 12:11). The divine intervention that we experienced in our times of need was not accomplished for us, alone. Our testimony has been established to {Read More}