Passionate, Generous, Relentless Love

One day, I received a life-changing revelation. For years I thought that I already knew it. And then it began to radically change my life. Jesus loves me. But, it’s not the warm and fuzzy, albeit unconditional, brotherly love, that I once imagined. Instead, His love leaves me dizzy. Jesus longs for me. I belong to Him. His love for me is not the cool, listless love of a far off God. No, Christ’s love relentlessly pursues me. I am His {Read More}

Vessels of Agape

Here is an amazing truth: Those who are saved are sealed with the Holy Spirit, and He dwells within them. We are then temples of the Spirit of God. How amazing is that? How often would we rebel, resist the Lord, and commit public and secret sins if we kept ever before us the thought “We are the temple of the Spirit of God? He is with me, always. He keeps me, desires for me to know and seek Him, {Read More}