The Very Best Love Song

  I wish I could admit that the I was confident in my self-worth, or that I always recognized that I was worth loving. The truth is, before Christ I was a mess. My life was a mess. My heart was a mess. My mind was a mess. Some of us our blessed not to have lived out the difficult consequences of the prodigal son, before turning to Christ. Others must go their own way, and wake up in the {Read More}

From curve ball to curve ball

I am currently in a wilderness season. It was long overdue. After watching me struggle and fumble, and ultimately end up bowed down by the weight of the world, and shoulder deep in the messiness of life, the Lord, in His infinite mercy, reached down and helped me to stand. From this slightly higher vantage point, I was granted an even clearer view of the mess, which, to my surprise, was much more self-inflicted that I had imagined. With the {Read More}