It Takes all Kinds – Intricately Designed {and Link-up}

I am a fan of motion. I am most comfortable when I am doing something. And I am really bad at doing nothing. My mind is rarely at rest. Instead my thoughts are always searching, planning, reasoning, digging, solving, or constructing. Even my nothing has to be full of some activity. For years I struggled with depression. Yet, even in the midst of depression, my mind longed to be busy, as I met the demand for motion with interactive video games, {Read More}

Incubation Process for the Extraordinary {and linky}

I have often contemplated Mary’s dilemma upon learning that she would become pregnant by a living, but unseen, God. While her initial response provides an entire commentary on humility and faith in regards to facing an impossible task, there is little doubt that her walk would have been one rife with humiliation, disappointment, and unjust suffering and shame. Although premarital pregnancies are commonplace today, it was not the case during Mary’s lifetime. I can only imagine the great amount of {Read More}

Not for Wimps {and a link-up}

God never promised us that His path would be an easy one. In fact, unlike what some would have you to believe, the path that leads to the promises of God can sometimes seem lonely, quiet, and bewildering. It can leave us bent over on our knees, praying alone in the dark, and sweating drops of blood as we agonize over the betrayal of those we love. If you don’t believe me, just ask Christ. The truth is, a walk that aligns {Read More}