Motivate & Rejuvenate Monday Link-Up #3

As a family with five littles aged 8 and under, going to church on Sunday morning can be, at times, a daunting task, to say the least. I have no doubt that if I were a more organized Mommy, with a greater developed self-discipline, Sunday mornings would be managed better. However, for us, Sundays are quite – colorful. They are prone to be a bit unorganized, a little chaotic, and always at least a tad behind schedule. Needless to say, yesterday {Read More}

Motivate & Rejuvenate Monday Link-Up #2

  Happy Monday everyone! For those of you who, like me, are wondering when the weekend break will arrive, this is for you:   My littlest one was surprised by his sister while getting his picture taken at church this weekend, so I decided to make the best of it and make a light-hearted ‘Monday’ poster. I had fun doing it, and as I did, it led me to examine how often I take the opportunity to take life’s little missteps and turn {Read More}

Motivate & Rejuvenate Monday Link-Up #1

  Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Mine was covered in snow and ice. My family had church at home, and the service was surprisingly good (Thank you Holy Spirit!).  I have to admit, it is not quite Monday anymore, but, I am determined to resist delaying the beginning of Motivate and Rejuvenate Monday! Today flew by faster than I had imagined, after yet another doctor appointment for my littlest angel, dinner, a ministry support group, picking my son up {Read More}