The Bible is HIStory – Part 1

My daughter sighed dramatically next to me. She is a very dramatic eight year old. I can’t complain too much, she gets it honestly. She was finishing up an assignment, and I took her auditory exasperation as my cue to ask about the problem. “It’s this question” She groaned. “ I’m supposed to write a bumper sticker that describes how I feel about the knowledge of God”. “Well how do you feel?’ “It’s nice.” My heart broke just a little {Read More}

From mercy to mercy

For the past few months, and until the end of this year I have been and will be a single homeschooling Mommy. There have been many trying and rewarding moments. Most of my concerns have been financial in nature. My husband and I look forward to carrying the gospel to unreached peoples, and I am beginning to believe that this is my training ground. I am a woman who (like most) has a deep need to feel stable and secure. {Read More}