It Takes all Kinds – Intricately Designed {and Link-up}

I am a fan of motion. I am most comfortable when I am doing something. And I am really bad at doing nothing. My mind is rarely at rest. Instead my thoughts are always searching, planning, reasoning, digging, solving, or constructing. Even my nothing has to be full of some activity. For years I struggled with depression. Yet, even in the midst of depression, my mind longed to be busy, as I met the demand for motion with interactive video games, {Read More}

Beautiful Places

By this time tomorrow I will be holding the newest addition to our family. This journey has been long and rocky, with windy paths that have often seemed to lead back to where they started. Yet, when I returned to the beginning it was with new strength, perspective and wisdom. Our current journey will not end when he lies lovingly in my arms, but his safe arrival will mark a momentous victory in one of the many battles we have {Read More}