From mercy to mercy

For the past few months, and until the end of this year I have been and will be a single homeschooling Mommy. There have been many trying and rewarding moments. Most of my concerns have been financial in nature. My husband and I look forward to carrying the gospel to unreached peoples, and I am beginning to believe that this is my training ground. I am a woman who (like most) has a deep need to feel stable and secure. {Read More}

Spinach Salad with Avocado, Glazed Pecans and Feta Cheese

They say a pictures says a thousand words, well, I tried to take a picture that did this salad justice and it just doesn’t seem possible, although here is the picture. I can tell you however, that this salad is delicious! (And good for you too!) Lately, my little ones have also begun eating it – sans the eggs, which I have not been brave enough to add, yet. Anyway, Bon Apetit’ – I hope you enjoy! 2 cups of {Read More}

Peace through our priorities

With an inhuman amount of self-control I tore away from my latest blog post to meet a need that really shouldn’t have to wait. My children. Today we saw Daddy, and then, once again, he will be gone until next week. It was bedtime, but I had told them that we might cuddle and watch a short movie. But I was on deadline. My spirit and heart pulled on me. “Really..blogging over babies?” We had a wonderful day at Church, {Read More}

Awake, again.

There’s a quiet knock at my door. My daughter is up and it’s well past time that Mommy should have gotten up. It’s time to be awake. I’m beating myself up in my mind for the thousandth time for not going to be earlier. Tonight…soon..I will start going to bed on time. I long for the quiet when the children are not awake. I sit and think and look and do anything but sleep because my darling is not next {Read More}

High-strung Mommy

Self denial is such a cruel companion. Although it helps us feel good about areas that we would rather not investigate, it leaves us standing stunned like a deer-in-headlights (excuse my graphic description) when reality sets in. Since birth I have often gazed at my lovely, strong willed, high-energy, high-need, smart, independent, sensitive, five year old daughter and thought “But, why? I just don’t understand.” As Mommies we often can become so caught up in understanding and dealing with our {Read More}