The Bible is HIStory – Part 2

It’s amazing how God will direct our steps through trials increment by increment., unbeknownst to us, until we look behind us and realize that He’s brought us along a road paved with purpose, wisdom, and grace. After my daughter and I completed her bumper sticker assignment, I gave it no further thought. However, the experience of searching and studying the validity and evidence of the Bible with Tig stayed with me – and thankfully, with her as well. Throughout the {Read More}

The Bible is HIStory – Part 1

My daughter sighed dramatically next to me. She is a very dramatic eight year old. I can’t complain too much, she gets it honestly. She was finishing up an assignment, and I took her auditory exasperation as my cue to ask about the problem. “It’s this question” She groaned. “ I’m supposed to write a bumper sticker that describes how I feel about the knowledge of God”. “Well how do you feel?’ “It’s nice.” My heart broke just a little {Read More}

The Untold Story

The weight of her circumstances was more than she could bear. She tried to walk through the village with her head high, although the continual threat of tears caused her to keep her eyes low. Yet even the lowered angle of her eyes could not protect her from the intruding glances of other wives and mothers, or the errantly angled pointing finger of a disrespectful  child. The rumors regarding her circumstances were certainly much too tawdry to ignore. She and {Read More}

Encouraging the (nearly) impossible

Each and every day I grow more in love with my children, more amazed by their uniqueness, and more thankful for their presence in my life. But mostly, I am continually grateful for the opportunity to be their mother, and to love them. I am much more thankful, and stand in much greater awe, when I am rested, but nonetheless I experience gratitude and awe on a daily basis. (I am pretty well rested as I write this.) Often, the {Read More}

Letter to a wayward thoughtlife

Dear thoughts, Oh treacherous thoughts, how you love to betray. I have pondered long on how best to approach this issue with you. You are very dear to me, and it would grieve me if you were to be offended. I have long valued your input, perhaps too long, perhaps too much. You are always there for me, and until recently I was under the impression that you were my most reliable friend. I have always considered you trustworthy, although {Read More}