It may not seem like it to many people who see me on a day to day basis. But God is using a season of ashes to bring about beauty in my life right now. As I write this post, I do so from a hospital bed, posed with more questions than there are answers. Yet, some of the most beautiful seasons in our life arise from the ashes of pain and despair. It seems counterintuitive that our darkest times, filled {Read More}

The Bible is HIStory – Part 1

My daughter sighed dramatically next to me. She is a very dramatic eight year old. I can’t complain too much, she gets it honestly. She was finishing up an assignment, and I took her auditory exasperation as my cue to ask about the problem. “It’s this question” She groaned. “ I’m supposed to write a bumper sticker that describes how I feel about the knowledge of God”. “Well how do you feel?’ “It’s nice.” My heart broke just a little {Read More}

From curve ball to curve ball

I am currently in a wilderness season. It was long overdue. After watching me struggle and fumble, and ultimately end up bowed down by the weight of the world, and shoulder deep in the messiness of life, the Lord, in His infinite mercy, reached down and helped me to stand. From this slightly higher vantage point, I was granted an even clearer view of the mess, which, to my surprise, was much more self-inflicted that I had imagined. With the {Read More}

From mercy to mercy

For the past few months, and until the end of this year I have been and will be a single homeschooling Mommy. There have been many trying and rewarding moments. Most of my concerns have been financial in nature. My husband and I look forward to carrying the gospel to unreached peoples, and I am beginning to believe that this is my training ground. I am a woman who (like most) has a deep need to feel stable and secure. {Read More}

Homeschooling with a Broken Heart

Dearest Hurting Homeschool Sister, One of the things that I love most about homeschooling is the wealth of information available on the internet. As a Christian homeschooler, I also love that vast choice of blogs which serve to encourage and strengthen one another as we walk in our calling as teachers and managers of our homes. However, as I search the blogs, it can sometimes feel a bit lonely for those who are homeschooling under less than ideal downright difficult situations. {Read More}