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A few years ago the word “Hope” took on a deeper meaning for me, when I hoping for healing for my son. I found out when I was 5 months pregnant with him, that there was a problem, something very small was preventing his body from developing the way it needed to for him to live or have a healthy life. The doctors recommended me terminating the pregnancy because he probably might die inside of me or very soon after he was born. He did die but lived a lot longer than they thought he would and long enough to change me. This is a long story, that I would definitely love the opportunity to tell in more details in the future.
I remember writing 3 poems in the hospital about hope – they were called “Hope, Hope Was With Us, The Story of Hope.”

I remember in one of those poems I say, that hope is hardest, when you need it the most. I ask myself questions leading up to the unknown, like “if God doesn’t heal him, is it because I did not pray hard enough,” “is it because my faith wasn’t strong enough?” and many more. I wondered “what was going to happen to my baby.” When my son died right next to me, he just fell into a peaceful sleep and God brought peace to my heart. He told me “don’t worry, he is in good hands” and I saw Jesus holding him in His arms.

Since then, I have had two baby boys. That experience made me stronger than I ever thought I could be. That was literally and truly one of my worst fears I lived through.

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