The Power of Weakness


The reality that we are fully loved by an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing, perfect God can be more than many of us are able – or willing – to grasp. We struggle with the idea that a God as Holy as our own, who also calls us to holiness, could gaze upon us –and all our flaws – with anything more than love derived from pity and tedious frustration. As we contemplate His greatness, we question how God, through whom all creation exists, could so deeply desire servants as messy as we. If we have not yet come to fully comprehend His all-encompassing love for us, we reject the concept as null, because we, as humans, are not capable of it.

This inner-battle to accept that God loves us exceedingly rages strongest during those seasons that we have relied on our own power – and failed.

When we have we have trusted in our own ability to forgive, succeed, change, grow, or cope, we will eventually come to a point of spiritual and mental exhaustion, frustrated by our futility.

Deceived by self-righteousness and unknowingly drunk with pride, we suddenly awaken from our self-propelled stupor to find that our journey has led us to the unmistakable doors of our shortcomings, faults, or out-right sinfulness. Whispers of doubt rise to the surface of our subconscious on the back of disappointment in self. And though we desperately want to believe that we are loved, somewhere, in the deepest, darkest part of our hearts – we fear that we are not.

Yet, because He has proven Himself to us time and time again, we are just as desperate to cling to the hope that He is with us. For, we have come to understand that without Him we are nothing.

The stories of our lives have produced immeasurable evidence of a personal, powerful, proactive God. And His faithfulness has impressed upon us the magnitude of His power.

Having walked with Him beside us-

Having thrown exhausted arms around His neck as He carried us-

Having clasped frantically onto His waiting hand when He rescued us from almost falling times without number-

we know that our only hope lies in Him, for without Him we have no hope.

So we refuse to give up. Though worn and weary, we press closer toward Him. Every other step seems to introduce new pain, but our righteous fear of turning away from Him, supersedes the fear our circumstance.

We are beaten.

We are bruised.

We are overwhelmed.

But we are not overcome.

Yet, our intimate experience with His faithfulness only serves to deepen our confusion as to why He has not answered our cry.

These times of great weakness, when our soul cries out in exceeding despair, are not designed to destroy us.

These are God-orchestrated moments.

Our points of brokenness are divinely assigned.

A loving God has intentionally appointed them for the purpose of drawing us closer to Him. These great chasms – these seemingly unsurpassable gulfs are God-dispensed seasons whereby we are given the opportunity to throw our hands up in surrender, fall into His arms, and boldly acknowledge that we are human, frail and weak.

Then, in our weakness, as the power of God rests upon us, we find new strength.

We begin to experience hope.

We are surrounded by peace.

We learn to embrace joy.

We understand that we can choose to forgive.

In these great and gloriously prescribes points of weakness, we willingly take up our cross and follow our Savior, finally able to declare as He did “Nonetheless, they will be done”.

Here in our own Gethsemane, we bow ourselves low and pray feverishly for strength. And as we sweat so profusely that we could almost swear the drops glinted red with blood, He appears. He gathers us closer into His presence, and gently strengthens us that we might finish the journey. And the same power that raised Christ from the dead falls upon us, as He lifts us, steadies us, and leads us through our circumstance. For through this journey we begin to resemble His son, and reflect His glory.

He will not give up on us.

He will not forsake us.

He does not forget us.

But, like a great champion, He will proudly display our lives as a banner of His love, so that the world will know that God gives victory over sin, and shortcomings, and weakness.

And so, we press on, because we have tasted the Lord – and He is good.

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  1. So much truth spoken with such beauty. “Deceived by self-righteousness and unknowingly drunk with pride…” Wow! How often do we foolishly find ourselves there only to be wooed time and again by His amazing grace and love. Blessings on your day—this blessed mine!
    Deb Wolf recently posted…A Fantastic Idea – How Can I Help?My Profile

    • Personally, I find myself there far too often to count! Yet in His grace and mercy, He continues to shower me in love. Deb, it is always a pleasure to see you’ve stopped by! You’re encouragement is the blessing!
      Letetia recently posted…The Power of WeaknessMy Profile

  2. For when we are weak, He is strong. 🙂
    Happy Easter!
    Lux Ganzon recently posted…Sunday Will Come!My Profile

  3. His love never fails!

  4. Great post!
    It’s been my go to verse during Easter Season.
    Fun With A Message ( recently posted…6 Best Tips For Preventing MeltdownsMy Profile

  5. I’m so glad that when we try to do things out of our own power that He doesn’t leave us! He so patiently shows us that we are indeed weak and need to rely on Him. Thanks for the reminder!
    Shannon recently posted…The Excellent Marriage Advice I Was Given When I Became a WifeMy Profile

    • I’m certain that He shakes his head so often at us. I wonder sometimes if he ever drops his head into his hand as He looks on us carrying on like little children. If He does, He has done it oh so many times with me! Thank you so much for stopping by!
      Letetia recently posted…Daily Hope & a Prayer – April 7My Profile

  6. I really need to start reading you pieces out loud ’cause girl, this’ll preach!!
    Angela Martin recently posted…No excuse…My Profile

  7. I often find myself feeling like I don’t quite measure up to what God is calling me to do. But He knows my limits much better than I do and with Him I can do all things. Thank you for your encouragement 🙂 I found your blog through the Women With Intention linkup.
    Michelle Westbrook recently posted…Smile! Here Are 6 Ways To Stay Positive During Difficult TimesMy Profile

  8. Hi, Letetia! Wow, you hit the nail on the head with your post on the power of weakness. For the past 2 years, I have struggled with this very thing…to accept God’s love, to let go of my understanding of His ways, and to grow (slowly, but surely) in my relationship with Him. If I depended on my circumstances to steer my heart, I would have definitely been in deep trouble by now! It’s still a struggle and I have my ‘days’ but when it comes to the end of the day, I’m still hanging onto Jesus! Thanks for sharing!

    • These words “to accept God’s love, to let go of my understanding of His ways, and to grow (slowly, but surely) in my relationship with Him” = my relationship with God. Ever cyclical, continually being stretched, growing and stretching, testing, growing, and more stretching. But, then again, as long as we are doing that, we can be certain that we are being guided, and surrounded, by His grace. I am so thankful for grace! God bless! – Letetia
      Letetia recently posted…Daily Hope & a Prayer – Day 8My Profile

  9. “Whispers of doubt rise to the surface…” I read these words as if you wrote them for me. This week has been a difficult one for, but I thank you for reminding me that although I am “overwhelmed” I am “not overcome”. Trusting in Him. Thank you! ♥
    Celi recently posted…In Remembrance of MeMy Profile

    • I am so glad that it encouraged you! We must be in a similar season right now, because as I wrote to encourage others, I was encouraging myself! LOL! Thank you for stopping by and please come again! Blessings! Letetia
      Letetia recently posted…Daily Hope & a Prayer – Day 8My Profile

  10. What beautiful encouragement! Well written and lovingly put! Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays 🙂
    JES recently posted…How to Make Your Own Lunch Meat {Deli Meat, Like Salami}My Profile

  11. Letitia, beautiful words here for #livefree: “Our points of brokenness are divinely assigned.” Oh so hard to remember – thank you for encouraging me today!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing these encouraging words with us at Good Morning Mondays, also thank you for the link up. Have a great and blessed week.
    Terri Presser recently posted…DOWN ON THE FARM – PIGLET UPDATEMy Profile

  13. Letetia, this was such an encouraging post reminding us that God is always with us. We need to learn to run to Him first instead of doing things in our own strength, but so often we think we can do it. We need to remember that we need Him always and His strength will push through our weakness. I’m visiting from #DanceWithJesus.

  14. Wonderful post about the power of Christ working in our lives. I am your neighbor at Fellowship Friday linkup.

  15. Beautiful words about the all-sufficiency of Christ. I am encouraged. I am loved and I am helped – always. I love this. Thank you for the life you are bringing to so many! Cheering you from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

  16. Beautiful, inspiring, wonderful post. Thanks for sharing!
    God bless you!
    Jenn recently posted…Why It’s Okay for Christian Moms to Keep It Real :: Grace & Truth 13My Profile

  17. Great post, Letetia! So very encouraging!

    “But, like a great champion, He will proudly display our lives as a banner of His love, so that the world will know that God gives victory over sin, and shortcomings, and weakness.” <— Yes, yes, yes! Love this!

    It's always a pleasure to link up with you! Infinite blessings to you, Love! 🙂


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