The Vantage Point of Triumph {and LINKY}

the ten minutes after our deliverance look remarkably different from the ten minutes right before it

As she pressed through the crowds, she drew close to the ground. She searched frantically, desperate to find him and make her way to him through the herd of people. With shoulders hunched forward, she craned her neck first to the right, and then to the left, all without every really lifting her head. She had to take the most efficient and discreet path to him as possible. It was dangerous for her to be here! What if someone were to recognize her? What would she do then? She had heard of the miracles that followed him. Surely, if he could make the blind see, and the deaf hear, then he could stop the bleeding?

She had been alone for so long.

Separated as unclean, she was marked, mocked, and unfairly judged. She was so weak, and so tired. Forced to live life as an unmarried beggar, she had spent all that she had to be healed – but nothing, and no one, had been able to stop the bleeding.

And, then he had arrived.

He was the answer to her future. Somehow, she knew that if she could only touch him…

But, the crowds – they were so thick, and so aggressively determined. It had been a long time since she had been around so many people, and though it was useful for hiding, the noise and movement left her somewhat dizzy. The crowd surged around her more and more, at times causing her to feel as if she could be swallowed up. People pushed in from all sides, stepping on each other, bumping into each other, cutting off one another, and calling out to him.

Wait! Was that-? Panicked, she quickly lowered her head, lest she should be recognized and accused of defiling those around her.

Suddenly she was certain that she caught of the glimpse of his back. With increased determination she hunched lower and pressed forward, pressing through the mass of hurting, lonely, and sick people. Closer and closer she forced her way through, and as she moved forward she imagined reaching out and just grasping hold of his cloak. It had been a long time since she had been this close to others, and she knew the risk she was taking simply by being here, but the hope of her healing compelled her to keep moving forward. As she slowly advanced, she trembled with fear, and her stomach tightened with expectant hope and nervous dread. This was her last hope? What if this failed? What if he failed? What if he could, but just didn’t care? Whenever her thoughts became distracted she would inevitably lose him for a few moments in the crowd. A few times she even fell. Immediately it seemed as if she would be trampled. On the ground, she struggled to get up. But her desire to be safe from trampling feet overcame her fear of being exposed as an unclean among the clean. So, determinedly, but cautiously, she rose. Again, questions regarding her future moved quickly through her mind. What if he could, but simply chose not to heal her? The uncertainty alone was almost enough to cause her to stop pressing, and stop hoping, before she reached him.


But not quite, and so,

with hungry, determined, expectant faith

she pressed.

*(Based on the account recorded in Mark 5:25-34)

Whenever I think about the woman with an issue of blood, minutes before receiving her healing, I become excited. Although I know the outcome of the story, I can relate to the longing for deliverance, and the determination necessary to press through the process of faith. But, mostly, I am overjoyed because I know what she does not – her healing is closer than she realizes.

While she must have experienced a bundle of conflicting emotions in regards to her very personal circumstance, I am on the other side of her breakthrough.

Although she lived over 2000 years ago, I can root for her and cheer her on, because I know she will be victorious. But the woman in this biblical account does not have my historical vantage point.

She did not know that she was only a few steps away from her healer.

All she had was faith.

Often, we are like this woman, moments away from God’s salvation, yet our experience overwhelms us as if we are in the hottest, thickest, bloodiest part of our battle. Our skies seem dark, and our souls are heavily burdened. Though we know that our Healer is near, we struggle with uncertainties that often leave us feeling as if we could become swallowed up, or trampled. The noise and chaos of our situation threatens our peace and leaves us feeling dizzy and unsettled. The painful details of our circumstance multiply again and again and again, until our rehearsed pain presses against us from all sides, leaving us gasping for air, and pressing us lower and lower in shame, fear and doubt.

Armed with only faith and hope, we press steadily toward the One who can rescue us.

We are weak and worn, so sometimes we fall. But, we are determined to reach him, so we stand, and we press, pushing our way through pain, anxiousness, and dread.

And then suddenly we grab hold of Him.

And we are saved.

twittericonIf you are on the struggle side of a mountainous trial, keep pressing.

Sooner than you realize you will look up, and find that you have reached the top, and crossed over.

Like the woman with the issue of blood,

twittericonthe ten minutes after our deliverance look remarkably different from the ten minutes right before it.

When we are in a season of tribulation, we only have the vantage point of the painful struggle we have endured, and the fear of what lies ahead. But without fail, we who are God’s chosen children, will have the vantage point of the triumph.

Because, God is faithful.

And He does not fail.

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  1. Thank you SO much for this encouraging reminder! THIS is EXACTLY what I needed to hear at this moment!

    Our God is faithful. He never fails.

    May He continue to bless your cup to overflowing!
    Heather recently posted…Praying with Resurrection FaithMy Profile

  2. Your writing is so beautiful, Letetia! We are so blessed to live in the after-story, but how quickly we forget that we are already saved, that we have the access to the power of the Holy Spirit. When times get hard, I am guilty of this, which is ridiculous since God had always been faithful and is always good. Thanks for hosting and for sharing your heartfelt words with us!
    Kelsey Ferguson recently posted…My Favorite Mood LifterMy Profile

    • I would guess that each of us need to remind ourselves at times of His great love and power, even though He always proves faithful. I am right there with you, at least. Thank you so much for stopping by, Kelsey! Blessings!
      Letetia recently posted…The Vantage Point of Triumph {and LINKY}My Profile

  3. Thank you for this encouraging post — it’s just what I need to hear today! If we press on in faith, He will deliver us! Linked up with you at Mom’s the Word and linked up here as well — hope you’ll stop by Saved by Grace for a visit!
    God bless,
    Laurie Collett recently posted…Fear Not in the StormsMy Profile

  4. Oh the sweet difference the perspective that 10 minutes can make! I need this reminder when I’m in the midst of troubles! Your neighbor at Mama Moments

    Also I saw your button for She Speaks-I’m attending this year for the first time and I’m so excited!!

  5. You’ve done a beautiful job retelling this story and brining out the woman’s utter despair and glimmer of hope. God IS faithful. All the time.

  6. I love your opening meme! Yes, 10 minutes on either side of a trial makes a huge difference! Have a wonderful night.
    Heaven recently posted…Sacred Sabbath: You Never Know How Much Good You DoMy Profile

  7. I’ve never looked at it this way before. I think the 10 mins before the triumph makes all the 10 mins after worthwhile. 🙂

    Thanks for another link up!
    Lux Ganzon recently posted…Have Loved Deeply, Been Hurt, Loved AgainMy Profile

    • Lux, I wish I could always keep the joy of my last “10 minutes after” experience as I’m waiting for my next one. I try, and sometimes I do, and other times I fall short, wish I had, and determine to do better next time. But, how right you are – the 10 minutes before do make the 10 minutes after all the more worthwhile! Blessings to you, and thanks for stopping by!
      Letetia recently posted…Daily Hope & a Prayer – April 28My Profile

  8. This story never gets old for me, and I love that it all happened “along the way.” Jesus was on His way somewhere else, and He stopped to make this amazing woman’s life new again. Thanks for the sweet re-telling.
    Michele Morin recently posted…Author Interview: Irene HannonMy Profile

  9. What a beautiful account of the thoughts she could have had and our gift of healing as well. Your words are beautifully written and encouraging.
    Deborah recently posted…Who Can Worship In His Sanctuary?My Profile

    • Deborah, Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting today! It encourages me to think of her struggle through that crowd, and the victory she would soon experience. It’s always good to hear from you! Blessings!
      Letetia recently posted…Daily Hope & a Prayer – April 28My Profile

  10. This is so very encouraing, sweet friend! I can sometimes become so tired and worn, thinking I cannot do it anymore. I know that God is my strength, and that I can draw close to Him to be refreshed, but the added thought that my next breakthrough may be so much closer than I realize is so invigorating. Thank you for the encouragement!
    Blessings and hugs,
    Kamea Hope recently posted…Extend Grace…My Profile

    • Kamea, I understand what you are mean. Before my husband came home, there were days I wanted to throw in the towel. God knew that He was busily moving in our situation, but I could only see the road before and behind. During these moments, its important to remember how he has brought us through so faithfully before! I am so glad that God could use me to encourage you today! It gives me great joy to encourage the encouragers. Blessings and hugs!
      Letetia recently posted…Daily Hope & a Prayer – April 28My Profile

  11. Blessings Letetia,

    Hope all is well. Thank you for this great linky and very special word. I can testify to what has been said, because i’m on the verge of my triumph in this season and the vantage point is starting to look a whole lot different than it did a few weeks ago. Hope you have a blessed week and we can chat really soon.
    Latisha recently posted…Countdown to Mother’s Day- A Mother’s FearsMy Profile

  12. I recently read that passage,,and you really make it come alive! When I read it, what came to mind is that even if God doesn’t heal in a particular instance, He can take away the fear as we trust in Him. I appreciate your thoughts, here, too. “When we are in a season of tribulation, we only have the vantage point of the painful struggle we have endured, and the fear of what lies ahead. But without fail, we who are God’s chosen children, will have the vantage point of the triumph.” Yes, the vantage point of triumph!!! Thank you for this reminder 🙂
    Gayl recently posted…A Place to HideMy Profile

    • Gayl, you make an excellent point. Sometimes the healing doesn’t come. But, not only can we experience God’s peace as we trust Him, but we are also given an opportunity to grow in relationship and faith in His will over our own personal desires. This may not be the triumph we first sought – but it is indeed a triumph! Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Blessings! Letetia
      Letetia recently posted…Daily Hope & a Prayer – April 28My Profile

  13. This is so encouraging. God is faithful! Thank you.
    Kelsey recently posted…A Season of RestMy Profile

  14. How true that is?! We don’t realize that we are just there – so close. Lord, let us see that we are so close to what it is that you want to do through us by faith. Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.
    Kelly Balarie recently posted…The Incredible Bravery Found in HidingMy Profile

  15. What a great take on that scripture passage, it is so encouraging. Thank you for sharing this post and link up at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings
    Terri Presser recently posted…WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM MILLYMy Profile


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