Incubation Process for the Extraordinary {and linky}

The incubation process for the

I have often contemplated Mary’s dilemma upon learning that she would become pregnant by a living, but unseen, God. While her initial response provides an entire commentary on humility and faith in regards to facing an impossible task, there is little doubt that her walk would have been one rife with humiliation, disappointment, and unjust suffering and shame. Although premarital pregnancies are commonplace today, it was not the case during Mary’s lifetime. I can only imagine the great amount of trust it must have taken to faithfully carry out such a monumental task. I suppose that this is why God selected Mary.

Though she may not have realized it, God knew the heart of His daughter.

He understood the painful journey ahead of her, and He knew that He could trust her to faithfully complete it. When Gabriel approached her, declaring her ‘blessed and highly favored’, he was not just speaking of her walk up until that moment.

He was prophesying about her future.

God knew exactly where her walk would take her. He knew about Simeon and Anna waiting at the temple. He knew the trepidation that would fill her heart as she looked anxiously for her missing son, who was potentially lost among the throngs of travelers. He foresaw her lonely nights, and He was unsurprised by her broken heart at the foot of the cross.

And still, He chose her. He was certain that she was trustworthy.

Mary was not perfect. She was as human as you and I. But Mary chose faith. She chose to trust Her Lord, and believe in an all-powerful and all-knowing God to accomplish an inconceivable task. And because of that, God was able to use her to give bring forth the extraordinary.

The incubation process for the extraordinary is never easy.

It will almost always require us to release personally held plans in order to be able to receive those of the Purpose-Giver. I am almost certain that Mary, having been a young woman in the first century B.C., had dreams of having sons after she was married. But, God’s purpose for her life required that she relinquish that dream, and in exchange she was able to be mother to the greatest son ever to be born of woman, whose father was God, Himself.

Hannah was tormented and emotionally abused by a woman who seemed blessed to be the sole heir of their husband’s legacy. Yet, although she may have felt broken and worn, God had plans to call Hannah’s not-yet conceived son to participate in His legacy. Her eldest son, Samuel, would live to become the man hand-chosen by God to bring His people back to Himself, to bring honor back to His temple, to speak to His people as His prophet, and to anoint Israel’s first two kings. But, first Hannah had to be willing to do the unthinkable. She had to give up her son. She had to let go of the child that she had cried over, longed for, and prayed desperately about, trusting God’s plan over her own.

Living during a time when “Israel had no king, and everyone did what seemed right in their own eyes” Deborah demonstrates courage and faithfulness, among a backdrop of unfaithful and often faithless judges. During this era of history, the roles of men and women were clearly defined, and typically distinct. Regardless of our personally held beliefs on these issues, we should all be able to agree that Deborah’s assignment as a judge over Israel speaks volumes of her capability and credibility. Of all the judges, Deborah alone is referred to as a prophet or prophetess. Like Joshua and Moses, she heard from God, and was chosen to give His Word to His people. She was so highly regarded that the general whom God had appointed to lead His army would not proceed into battle without her. Because she had proven trustworthy to God and the people, He used her to encourage an army to rise up against and defeat, Israel’s oppressors. Interestingly enough, it was yet another courageous woman, Jael, who would claim the glory of the battle.

This is the type of remarkable faith that God uses to accomplish His purpose. These are the kinds of lives that God uses to incubate the extraordinary. Hopefully we will experience seasons when we have been doing our best to walk in obedience and submission, yet still, our lives seems rife with storms and inexplicable difficulty. If so, we can be assured, God sees our faithfulness. And He knows our hearts. Hopefully, like Mary and Hannah, we will prove trustworthy, falling into His arms, facing our fears like Deborah or Jael, and offer our dreams to Him. I have little doubt that we will be surprised by what we get in return.

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  1. I love this post, especially this quote, “Though she may not have realized it, God knew the heart of His daughter.” so precious ❤️
    Beth Willis miller recently posted…the Lamb has overcome!My Profile

  2. May we have the trust & faith of Mary & Hannah to be His handmaiden! Thanks for the beautiful post & for hosting & God bless!
    Laurie Collett recently posted…Time for an AdjustmentMy Profile

  3. Letetia, This statement is so powerful: “It will almost always require us to release personally held plans in order to be able to receive those of the Purpose-Giver.” I’ve found that one key to releasing those plans is holding them loosely in the first place. It’s never an easy thing to do, but you’re right … when we do, the results are often surprising! So glad I stopped by today from Purposeful Faith …

    • That is very sound counsel! If we know that God directs our steps and understand that we should not lean on our own understanding, that it would be wise to be ever ready to revise or release those things we have in mind – just in case we are called by Him to do so. Thank you for stopping by and visiting!
      Letetia recently posted…Daily Hope & a Prayer – March 31My Profile

  4. Hi Letetia,

    Thank you once again for hosting this very encouraging link-up. I truly appreciate your written word, as right now my walk of faithfulness and obedience in the midst of an uncomfortable season sometimes are riddled with a little bit of discouragement, self-doubt and other emotional ups and downs. I don’t like the emotions I feel sometimes, but I guess that’s the walk of children of God. I pray to be stronger, but truth be told i’m scared of the hot fire He will constantly put me through to put that strength in me. Blessings to you.
    Latisha recently posted…AskLatisha Co-Host- Turn It Tuesday !My Profile

    • Latisha,

      I know just how you feel. Sometimes, when I am in the thick of it, the last thing I want to imagine is further ‘strengthening’. The weight of what I carry already seems more than I can bear. But then, because He is merciful, He reminds me of His grace, faithfulness and promise that I don’t have to carry it. That I can give it to him, and He will carry it. And that’s when the peace – the glorious, freeing, inexplicable peace, can rush in.
      Letetia recently posted…Daily Hope & a Prayer – March 31My Profile

  5. Really needed this read today! Thanks so much. God wreaking some of my “plans” recently and this post is so encouraging! God bless you!

  6. Thank you for this post! I love the part about how God knew the heart of His daughter…makes me think about what He finds in my heart. #RaRaLinkup

    • When I think about what God knows about my heart, it compels me to be more like His Son, because I am amazed that He desires to use me so – and I want desperately to please Him.
      Letetia recently posted…Daily Hope & a Prayer – March 31My Profile

  7. The incubation process for the extraordinary is never easy… I love the phrase and your post. It gave me more than much needed encouragement – it fuelled me with the desire to give myself over to God for any extraordinary way He might want to use me. Thank you for your post and for being a pen in God’s hand.

  8. “The incubation process is never easy…and can lead to extraordinary.” That is so it, something to give comfort. I love thinking about people from the Bible as real people, what they think, who they are, what they endured. I love how you brought Mary to life. Although at times I think that raising children is tough, I cannot imagine what Mary went through. God knew her heart. Amazing.
    Nikki Frank-Hamilton recently posted…Pinterest Recipe ReviewMy Profile

    • The account of Mary is one of my very favorite accounts. I am encouraged when I think of the servant heart she must have had in order to be called by God to accomplish such an important, but difficult task. Unlike Christ, she was not God and man. She was all woman – just like you and me. She was an extraordinary woman, and God certainly used her to accomplish the extraordinary. She encourages me to submit my heart and mind to God so that He can strip me of my pride and stubbornness, and perhaps, use me. Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting! Blessings!
      Letetia recently posted…Passionate, Generous, Relentless LoveMy Profile

  9. Thank God for such examples of courageous women who aligned themselves with God’s will. We have to learn from them.
    God Bless Letetia and Happy Easter.
    Ifeoma Samuel recently posted…LET US PRAY: DAY 7My Profile

  10. Letetia, this is a truly amazing post! Your words have really inspired and encouraged my heart. Thank you so very much for sharing this! Happy Easter and infinite blessings to you, Love! 🙂

    #GraceAndTruthLinkup 😉

  11. I love that insight that Gabriel’s words to Mary also took into account her future. And God chose her to bring forth the extraordinary. Great post!
    Leigh recently posted…Making Space for LamentMy Profile

    • I find it extremely comforting that when He deals with me He does so from wisdom and insight of what He will accomplish in and through me, and not necessarily the ‘at-the-moment’ me. I have far too many ‘work-in-progress’ moments. LOL! Thanks for stopping by and visiting! Blessings! -Letetia
      Letetia recently posted…Daily Hope & a Prayer – April 4My Profile

  12. Thank you for this poignant post, it’s beautiful and I really appreciate your perspective. Thanks for linking it with us at Grace & Truth! #GraceTruth


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