Word of the Week: Greater

The Lord has placed it on my heart to focus on Him piece by piece. This direction has led to the concept of focusing on a single word, as it presents in the Word, and as the Holy Spirit should direct. It is a journey I am excited to take with you. This week, the word is simply: “greater”.



One of my favorite scriptures is found in the third chapter of John. In this account we find the disciples of John and Jesus both baptizing in the same waters. John’s disciples, protective of their earthly Rabbi, and his work, were concerned that more of the people coming to be baptized were going to Jesus, instead of to John. However, John’s response reminded them that he was only a messenger, while Jesus was the long awaited message.

Still today, Jesus is the message.

It is easy to become focused on, and lost in, my own concerns, dreams, fears, and thoughts. While I am desperate to please my Savior, the demands of life can cause me to become overwhelmed with working out and through the details of my daily existence.

Life can be, well, hard.

Sometimes it seems that survival alone takes every ounce of strength that I have. But these are precisely the moments when it becomes vital that I remember that He must become greater, and that I must become less. Because what I want is more of Christ. I want more of His wisdom. I want more of His peace. I want more of His power demonstrated in and through my life. And the only way to have more of Christ is to lay my will, human wisdom, and ideas about what is right or desirable at his feet and allow Him to replace my weakness with His strength. He replaces my fallible ideas, with His divine design. He replaces fears with trust in His love. He replaces want with gratitude for His provision. He replaces pain with peace. He was always greater, and I had always been less, but in my pride I strove for greater. I longed to be greater in the eyes of others, have greater possessions, be more greatly accomplished, but I only succeeded in feeling like less, while continually longing for more.

But as I fall into His arms, turning my life, heart, and mind to Him, and giving His Spirit it’s rightful place as my Lord, He and His message are able to played through my life. He can be glorified within and through my story. And as grow and mature, I realize how little I know, and how little I am without Him, so I long for Him to become greater, and greater, and greater, and pray that I am humble enough to become less, and less, and less.

John 3:30 NIV – “He must become greater; I must become less.”