The Bible is HIStory – Part 2

It’s amazing how God will direct our steps through trials increment by increment., unbeknownst to us, until we look behind us and realize that He’s brought us along a road paved with purpose, wisdom, and grace.

After my daughter and I completed her bumper sticker assignment, I gave it no further thought. However, the experience of searching and studying the validity and evidence of the Bible with Tig stayed with me – and thankfully, with her as well. Throughout the next few weeks, my mind would replay the memory and I would smile inside, and find that I was smiling outside as well. As the memory resonated with me, it became more and more clear that this was an experience that every parent should have. I wondered to myself, and to a few others, how often parents were taking the time to establish the foundation of their children’s faith through evidence.

When I was a child, we were taken to church and told that God was real and expected to believe it was so. While this did not work for everyone (I was a prime example), there were some who took it at face value and simply accepted it. However, I graduated twenty years ago. Most of my teachers, and most of the families of my peers, were either Christian or Jewish. While certain subject matter taught in school would have led to valid questions against the reality of God, the great majority of people that I encountered would never have directly influenced me to believe that my faith was wrong or false.

Times have changed.

We are living in a post-Christian society.

Parents must be vigilant regarding preparing their children to be adults who are able to stand on a firm foundation of faith.

Telling our children that God is real, taking them to church, and expecting it to be enough, is simply a bad plan.


Research has shown that 70-75% of young adults leave the church after high school. While some return, many do not. A quick and honest look at societal influences gives sufficient understanding of why. Many of us, and our children, have ascribed to a variety of competing ideologies, ideas and beliefs systems that are completely antithetical to the Word of God. We are often blissfully ignorant to the fact that we have supplanted what should be a biblical worldview, with materialism, consumerism, naturalism, moral relativism, individualism, and a host of other -isms. To be honest, how many parents are discussing what a biblical worldview is? Or the nature of competing worldviews, and how aligning with many of their components make it impossible to be aligned with the will of God? Is this language or subject matter that you have discussed with your child? 

Many parents rely on the church as the primary source of their child’s spiritual development. This is not only unwise, it is not biblical. The parents are whom God will hold primarily responsible for a child’s spiritual guidance. Therefore we, the parents, must be diligently seeking opportunities and ways in which can lead our children in establishing and increasing their faith.

These convictions,  a heart for our children, and hopefully, the Spirit of God, led me to this thought,

How wonderful would it be if there was a place where parents could go to find out about resources that demonstrated the evidence that God is real, His Word is true, and that our worldview should align with His truth?

This question led to a family discussion, and a vote and a decision to do the following:

  1. Create the website, where families could go to find resources that would help them to fulfill these very important parental responsibilities.
  2. Design and sell bumper stickers and like items to spread the message of the project, and support the upkeep of the website, AND –
  3. Give a third of all the proceeds from sales of any items to missions. In order to determine which missions, we discussed how much we would give , and which areas of ministry we were most burdened for. Then we voted as a family, and chose two missions to demonstrate responsible stewardship toward.

So it is with great, wonderful, glorious pleasure that our family would like to introduce your family to this labor of love, a Mullenix family project, our own work-in-progress:


And all because of a wonderful, awesome, inspiring bumper sticker, by an awesome, inspiring little girl.