Baked Chicken Parmesan with Broccoli (Kid Approved!)

Now that I am up and about our family is finally returning to what(ever) normal consists of around here. Winnie and I returned to full-time students this week, and I have had to reclaim the reigns of primary caregiver and house manager. I must admit I was becoming a tad bit spoiled…

One look into our cabinets and freezers tells the story of a husband and father suddenly forced to do the shopping and cooking. We had been served an eclectic group of meals, primarily consisting of quick meals, with the occasional mix of (delicious) seafood and steak (due to his mastery of, and the convenience of, the outdoor fire pit). He had performed well under a significant amount of pressure, and the lack of variety and increasingly large grocery bill (primarily due to seafood, steak and generous supply of snacks and ice-cream) seemed to be an understandable fallout. Yet as I gazed at the cabinets, scanning for the typical meal-making ingredients I might have found during the pre-Daddy era, I found myself at a lost. I had decided on chicken as we had an apparent plentiful supply. However since my return to the kitchen we had recently had chicken and rice, chicken with gravy, baked chicken, and baked cornish hens. My taste buds yearned for something different, but my supplies were low.

This, and a simple, yet amazing suggestion from mix six year old, is what led to my most recent culinary discovery – Baked Chicken Parmesan with Broccoli. The recipe began with baked chicken (seasoned to taste). When it was almost done, I drained the chicken, covered the meat with spaghetti sauce (we prefer Ragu Chunky Tomato, Garlic and Onion) and completed cooking it. Once the chicken was fully done, it was topped with parmesan and mozzarella cheeses. When it seemed finished, I brought it out the oven to inspect it. My daughter, who happened to be peaking in the kitchen trying to see what was for dinner exclaimed “Cheese!! You should add some broccoli!”

I am ashamed to admit that my initial reaction  was to shoo her and her unrequested suggestion.

However, before I could complete my shoo, it dawned on me that it was a pretty interesting suggestion. So, we added a layer of steamed broccoli, covered the broccoli with the remainder of parmesan and mozzarella cheeses and baked for an additional 5 minutes.

Chicken parmesan with Broccoli

I was hoping that the cheese would sufficiently cover the red sauce that my children typically oppose, and allow me to sneak in the vitamin goodness of the tomatoes and other veggies. We made some linguini to go underneath, and…

Chicken parmesan with Broccoli

The kids loved devoured it.

Hope you enjoy!

Chicken Parmesan with Broccoli