Letter to a wayward thoughtlife

Dear thoughts,

Oh treacherous thoughts, how you love to betray. I have pondered long on how best to approach this issue with you. You are very dear to me, and it would grieve me if you were to be offended. I have long valued your input, perhaps too long, perhaps too much. You are always there for me, and until recently I was under the impression that you were my most reliable friend. I have always considered you trustworthy, although on more occasions that I care to rehearse your advice has left me feeling foolish.

Speaking of rehearsing, I have repeatedly asked you if you would not mind bringing up to me the negative and hurtful memories of my past..yet you seem as determined as ever to regale me of experiences that I’d rather be lost forever. Throughout the years, I’ve tried to offer you more and more trust, only to be left wishing I’d sought out better counsel.

You’ve tried to convince me that you have my best interest in heart, but I’m becoming ever more concerned that your definition of best interest, and my definition of best interest, differ in many major aspects. And to be honest, I’m concerned about your convictions, as you seem very easily led by what your fed. I’ve noticed lately that the less television you watch and the more Word of God you read causes a great change in your disposition.

Speaking of Scripture, I’m a bit disturbed that I’ve had to rebuke and reaffirm you so frequently with the Word of God. What if I didn’t take the the time to read and study the Word? Could I than trust you to give me sound advice at all?

I don’t mean to be rude, old friend, but I am also very concerned about your stability. You seem to waver, not only in your convictions, but by the wrong associations, which seem to also affect you quite negatively. Consider for a moment, your friend emotions. I have seen you completely move from your usual standards of right or wrong when emotions starts to rise.

And it pains me to say this, but lately, when I need you most, you have been fighting against me! I need you to tell me when I’m wrong, but instead you make excuses for my bad behavior. A real friend would encourage me to practice self-control, and walk in faith. But you have been justifying my stubborness and trying to rationalize and reason the things of God. I’m sorry mind, but things have to change. I wanted to be the one to tell you, I think you deserve that much, or maybe not, but I have decided to put my trust elsewhere. I will be leaning on the One whose Word never fails. In order to do this, I will not be able to allow you to run amok anymore. I have decided to renewed by the transforming of my mind – and that starts with you. I will continue to dig into the Word of God, and although I know you hate it (because you resist it so) I will continue to rebuke you when you fall out of line, and encourage you when you want to give up. I am not doing this because I do not like you – although sometime you make it difficult, I am doing this – in your best interest.

Your old friend,


This week:
Reading Goals: Last week went very well for the Bible in 90 Days Challenge, except for Saturday. I would like to say I have a very good reason, and although I was gone all day and evening with ministry and work, I returned home in enough time before bed complete my daily reading. So this week, my goal is to keep up the (pretty? almost?) good work, especially since it has proven spiritually and mentally rewarding and very, very interesting too! I love reading the Bible through. Every time I discover new and more wonderful things.

In the Nursery of the Nation

What God is doing in my heart: Currently God is reminding me how important it is to be in the all the little, or not so big (it seems at the time) things. Clean this now, don’t procrastinate. Go to bed. Study now, while you have a moment. Don’t say that.

I’m thankful for: God’s amazing and continual provision for my family during this difficult season. The wonderful changes that He is making in me and my husband. My children’s smiles.

My prayer request: Please pray that I will submit to God, fully, as he trains me to be a good steward with both time and finances, and in regards to a regular bedtime.

Video of worship/music, bible teaching or picture:

In honor of the National Sanctity of Human Life Month, from Be a Voice and Focus on the Family. Please go to Focus on the Family for more great information and resources.

Additional thoughts: Only this, I can not espouse what I will not accept, so with that, I will, in obedience, turn off the computer, and go to sleep. Good night!

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